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Picada de abelha, uma ferida e uma massa progressiva sobre o olho direito que precede o diagnóstico definitivo do sarcoma de Ewing ósseo frontal

Postado em: 27/07/2012

Bee-sting, a non-resolving wound and a progressive mass over the right eye preceding the ultimate diagnosis of frontal bone Ewing's sarcoma

Autor(es): Gupta MK; Rastogi M; Seam RK; Revannasiddaiah S
Fonte: BMJ Case Rep; 20122012.
Artigo [MEDLINE PMID: 22761215 ] Idioma: Inglês
Tipo de publicação: Artigo de Revista

A healthy young lady suffered a bee-sting over her right eyelid which was followed by pain, redness and swelling at, above and beyond the right eyelid. Although the initial swelling subsided, the patient noticed a small 'lump', superior to the eyelid which persisted after the rest of the swelling disappeared. This lump subsequently progressed over a span of 3 months and then caused ulceration of the overlying skin. Further testing revealed the lump to be an Ewing's sarcoma arising from the frontal bone. The patient was treated with standard chemotherapy (16 cycles of vincristine, doxorubicin, cyclophosphamide alternating with cycles of ifosfamide and etoposide) and radiotherapy and has remained disease-free 18-months after completion of treatment. This report reminds the reader about a not-so-uncommon mode of presentation of malignancies, that is, they being discovered after attention drawn by a rather common injury or trauma.
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